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It’s that time again . . . Summer is over.  I’m back to looming and it’s time to play catch up on the blog.   

So, here you go.  This is what I’ve been working on since the weather turned cold. 

First up are some fun fur purses.  This is a pattern done by Denise Layman.  Such an easy/fun knit that I’ve done three of them so far.  These are going to make great Christmas gifts. 

Fun Fur Purse 001

Fun Fur Purse 0002

Fun Fur Purse 03

Now, for a few other bags.  The first was done using plastic grocery bags.  No pattern, just flat knitted and seamed.  This was so much fun.  I’ve had lots of compliments on it.   Folks can’t believe that it is really a recycled project. 

The second was a u.f.o that I finally finished and felted.  It was done using Isela’s Essentials Purse pattern.  I just added the strap and the button.  This one will be a gift for my niece.  Don’tcha just love that button? 🙂 

Handbag 001


Sadie's Bag 004   

Next up is another u.f.o that I finally finished.  Another pattern by Denise Layman.  This one is a pinwheel blanket.  I wasn’t happy with the yarn that I used for this project, so I’d like to do another one soon using a better yarn.  I’d also like to make this next one a good bit larger to use as a throw.  Such a cool pattern and a fun knit.

Nate's Pinwheel Blanket 002   

 Finally a few new knits for the boys.  Soap sacks, new hats, new slippers. 

 The soap sack pattern came from a book that I bought ages ago.  These are a great way to use up those cotton scraps. 

Nate’s hat was my own design.  Nothing complicated.  I added the loops at the top because Nate can be hard on pom-poms . . . using them to take the hat off each and every time.  He calls this his “Curly Hat”. 

The slippers were a very easy knit that I heard about on one of the looming lists (thanks Nola!!!).  They are done on a 24 peg round large gauge loom.

Nate's Loopy Hat

Soap Sacks

Josh's Slipper 2 





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Squares, squares everywhere! :)

Seems all that I’ve been working on lately are squares.  Squares for afghans and dishcloths.  Here’s my latest dishcloth.  Finished size is 9×9.  Done on the blue kk loom using all pegs.  2 strands of cotton held as 1.  The stitch is a garter ridge rib.  A new stitch for me.  Really pretty.  One of my favorite dishcloths to date.  I will be using this stitch again!

Garter Ridge Rib Dishcloth     

Close-up of the garter ridge rib stitch

Close-up of the garter ridge rib stitch

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Nathan’s Birthday Cake

My husband, Dennis, will celebrate his birthday tomorrow.  Nathan is already getting ready.  He made this cake for Daddy today while I was cleaning up the office.  Thought this was something that you all could appreciate.  He carries it around and makes everyone sing and then he blows out the candles.  Too cute! 🙂

Nathan's Cake 004

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Oven Mitt

Jeannette, one of my friends on the looming lists, mentioned this project in passing yesterday.  It’s one that I’ve been meaning to try, so I sat down yesterday and knitted it up.  The 3 over 1 e-wrap was a bit tough.  Really had to watch my gauge.  But, it turned out cute and I’m anxious to try it out.  Next, I plan to do some bath mitts using the same pattern, but not so thick.  Great way to use up cotton stash! Oven Mitt 002

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Just Updated Pattern Page with a New Pattern

I’ve been working on this pattern for quite a while now and finally got the yarn and stitch just right. 

Take a look!  This free pattern is available for download.  Check the “Free Patterns” tab at the top of the page.  

Fun Fur Pillow 002

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Just Keep Knitting

I’ve finished up a few projects this week and wanted to share some photos. 

First are a few more “Boo Bunnies”.   These were done for my nephews for their birthday.  They’ve been wanting knitted washcloths, so I decided to turn them into Boo Bunnies.  Thought they would like them.  They were a hit with everyone at the party. 


Not your typical bunny colors, but they're still cute.

Not your typical bunny colors, but they're still cute.

Last night at the lys I finished up these last 2 items.  One is a scarf done on the Reader’s Digest Loom using some sample yarn that came with the kit.  It’s a little shorter than I’d like, but will be ok as a decorative scarf with a scarf pin. 

The creamsicle washcloth was done for my younger son, Nate.  I had planned on taking an afghan square with me to work on, but Nathan insisted that I take his washcloth and finish it instead.  He actually took the afghan square out of my bag and replaced it with the washcloth. 🙂


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Triangular Shawl

This is a work in progress. I still want to add a crocheted edge and some fringe, but wanted to show a picture of what I have so far.  This is my first shawl.  My first triangular piece.  Finished size is 40 inches long by 18 inches at its widest point.  It’s worked using Caron Simply Soft yarn scraps.  I made the pattern up as I went along.  It’s done in garter stitch on the yellow round kk loom.  I e-wrapped all of the rows from right to left and purled all of the rows from left to right.  I used two strands of the yarn held as 1 and I slipped the first stitch in each row to give a nice finished edge.  For the first half of the shawl I increased 1 stitch at the start of my purl row.  For the second half of the shawl I decreased 1 stitch at the start of my purl row.  It was very simple.  A quick knit. 

My husband is calling it the “I wish I was color blind shawl”.  My older son says it’s ugly and it’s pretty.  He can’t hurt Mommy’s feelings.  🙂  I just wanted to use some scraps and try a new pattern before I worked it up using really good yarn.  I think it’s very 70s looking.  Reminds me of shawls and ponchos that I wore when I was little.  My niece is 7.  She should love it.



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